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Sascha: Founder of Lead by Intuition

Sascha guides next generation yoga teachers, using intuition as a tool to unlock their authenticity. She is working as an illustrator, retreat facilitator, healer and psychic in Ibiza, Spain.

Sascha has been teaching yoga since 2008. A designer by trade, she created her own, unique blend of yoga, nidra and energy work called ‘Mellow Yoga’. Although her classes are very meditative and yin-based nowadays, she’s been classically trained in Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Hot Yoga by talented, international teachers like Anat Geiger, David Lurey, Tara Stiles, Simon Park, Master Hector Ramos & Deborah Quibell; thereby completing 800+ hours of certified YTT’s.

After moving to the spiritual island of Ibiza in 2016 and after numerous healing, bodywork & therapy modalities, her dormant psychic abilities were ignited. At this point she started sharing 1-on-1 healing sessions, painting her visions on Cosmic Canvas, and has illustrated the Ananda Oracle Deck, which is to be published in 2022 in collaboration with singer-songwriter Joëlle Jelisa. ´There is a new world born into being. With a new generation millennials, who came to raise the collective consciousness. They don’t care about the traditions, money, structure and reasons of the old world. They are highly intuitive souls, craving freedom, collaboration, build bridges and communities.´

As yoga teachers, we are being called to step up and teach a new way. Beyond sequencing, labels, patents or boxes. We have to become space holders. We are being asked to co-create, to sense, improvise and more than ever before, we are being asked to tap into our intuition.

The 50h Lead By Intuition Yoga Teacher Training is a one week immersion where you will dive deep into this new way of teaching; You will learn to: ⭐️Co-create with the energy of the group ⭐️Tap more into your own, authentic style of teaching ⭐️ Hold space while students activate their self-healing capacity ⭐️ Work with all 6 senses, activating their intuition ⭐️ Trust your intuition & lead by it Read all about the programme and how you can enter the training here.

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